Welcome to the official website of Timpson, Texas. Here you can connect with the Timpson Area Chamber of Commerce, the Timpson Public Library, City Government, and the Genealogy Library. Simply use the links at the top of the page to navigate the website.

Timpson is on the Union Pacific Railroad at the junction of U.S. highways 87, 84, and 59, fifteen miles northwest of Center in Shelby County. It is twenty-five miles west of the Sabine River, which is the State Line, and thirty-one miles north of Nacogdoches, the oldest town in Texas.

For more information about paying a traffic citation online please contact Municipal Court Clerk, Paula Mullins at 936-254-2421 or municipalcourt@cityoftimpson.com
The City of Timpson
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The Timpson City Council has reviewed and adopted  Proposed Budget for the FY 2016-2017.  The PROPOSED TAX RATE for 2016 is $0.34 per $100 of value The Proposed Rate of $0.34 will increase revenue by 4.615385%. The City of Timpson is considered a SMALL TAXING UNIT and therefore is NOT REQUIRED to hold a public hearing to discuss the Proposed Tax Rate. The Final Budget and Final Tax Rate will be adopted at the regular City Council Meeting scheduled for Sept 20, 2016.
A Special Meeting was held at 5:30 pm on August 22nd for the purpose of discussing and taking action on the contract to collect fees and fines currently with the Law Firm of MVBA. During the meeting the council voted to send a 60 day termination letter to MVBA in a 3 - 2 vote. The votes to terminate were Ramsey, Skinner, and Allen. The votes against were Baker and Grace. 
Timpson City Council will meet on September 20, 2016 for the regular monthly meeting. It will be held at 456 Jacob Street, City Hall and will begin at 5:30 PM. The meeting is subject to the Texas Open Meetings Act. It is open to the public. If you wish to address the council during the Council Items portion of the meeting you are limited to 3 minutes and must complete and submit the attached form to the City Secretary prior to the meeting.  (Click for Form