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Events and Meetings
Timpson EDC meetings public meetings and follow the guidelines set by the Texas Open Meeting Act.  All actions taken by the Timpson EDC Board are then presented for approval by the Timpson City Council.    


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Board of Directors and Officers:

Vernette Richardson, EDC President -- Timpson ISD
Yvonne Ramsey, EDC Secretary -- Timpson City Council
Debra Smith, City of Timpson Mayor/Smith Sawmill Service
Larry Burns, City Planning -- City of Timpson Public Works Dept
Tracy Broadway, Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1
Mike Thrift, EDC VP -- Double TT Realty, Inc.
Misty Burgess, City of Timpson, City Secretary​, Treasurer
Learn more about the 4B Economic Development Tax 

The Timpson EDC met on March 1, 2021 to discuss it's up coming projects.
Tracy Broadway made a motion to refinance the existing American State Bank loan to add
another $100,000 for the next street project, Timpson St. South to North at 5th St. Larry Burns seconded, all were in favor.

​Mayor Smith made a motion to allocate up to $500/month to subsidize the General Fund
with costs for the city parks maintenance. Mike Thrift seconded, all were in favor.